Grumpy. Metal. Code.

You have stumbled across the home of Grumpy Metal Guy - the Grumpiest Site on the Internet1.

Grumpy Metal Guy has been my online handle for a few years now. The name came about after a random discussion with a friend about an Angry Metal Guy review of an Opeth album. By this stage, I’d become a little jaded with the band, having been a fan since the Still Life days. With Heritage coming out, I mentioned that I’d be the grumpy metal guy at gigs yelling out “Play something older”. The term seemed like an apt description, so I stuck with it, and here we are.

I am, as my grumpy metal offspring would call me, a nerd. Have been forever. Started writing code at age 8, and didn’t look back. Along the way, I discovered Iron Maiden (still the greatest band of all time, despite recent output), Metallica, and Slayer, then graduated to the world of extreme metal. While I can sometimes find my feet tapping to somewhat lighter fare, metal is where my blackened heart and decimated ear-drums lie.

My general philosophy hasn’t changed much over the years - be yourself. I give zero shits about what anyone other than my close family think, and I will happily do my own thing even if it’s not the most comfortable choice. Therefore, anything that you have to say about anything I write here is probably best kept to yourself (technical errors excluded). Feel free to spawn a thread on Hacker News if you want to whinge about what I’ve written, although given that this site is mostly a vanity project, I doubt you’ll find too much to complain about here.

Other than that, if you find something interesting here, I hope it’s useful for you. If it helps pass the time on a boring day, even better. Enjoy your time, and stay grumpy.

  1. Aside from reddit… ↩︎