What Am I Up To Now?

A brief list of things that I’m up to now. Updated every now and again, and based on an idea that I read about here.


  • I’ve discovered Dead Cells on the Steam Deck, it’s a load of fun. It’s taking up a bit too much of my time though!
  • Finally relaxing after getting married. That shit takes up a lot of time and mental real estate…
  • I’m rethinking my choice of language for starting to implement a game, after reading this super interesting article. Python or Godot are the most likely replacements.
  • I finally made it back to the gym today after four or so months off… (I’ll be paying for it tomorrow)
  • Still trying to get a bit more tinkering done on my Raspberry Pi Pico kit that I got a while back. It’s fun!
  • I’m definitely not listening to enough music lately, that needs to change.